Playing for a place in the 5th/6th playoff we have Suriname and Czech Republic. Both teams are looking for an opportunity to redeem themselves after missing out on a place in the semi-finals.

Team Czech Republic started the stronger with goals from Alexandr VYROUBAL, Petr GALICEK and Klara NOVAKOVA [0-3].

Once again Suriname proved that they are no easy push over and quickly brought the scores back to [5-5] in the first period. The remainder of the first half the teams traded goals, with Eliska ZIEGLEROVA from the Czech Republic scoring in the last second of the half to level the scores at [11-11].

It was a strong and spirited performance by Team Suriname in the third period adding another 5 goals to their tally and limiting Team Czech to a single goal [16-12]. It looks unlikely that the team from Europe will be able to recover.

Both teams remained fully committed to the game, with tensions and passions running high referee Dan-Li Huang gave a yellow card to Petr SNAJDR (Czech Republic) and Ivan KARSTERS (Suriname) in the 32nd minute.

With the scores at [17-14] and 4.03 minutes left to play Team Czech call a time-out. It’s now or never if they want to return to play in the 5th/6th playoff match..

The final score was [18-14] with Delano BRAUMULLER top scoring in the game with 4 goals. Congratulations to Team Suriname who will now play in the 5th/6th playoff match tomorrow morning against Team China at 9am (GMT-5).